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Rayplicker software for easy tooth color analysis, improved communication and data management.

Precise and scientific color analyzes

This is a digital shade analyzer which allows you to record all the Aesthetic parameters of the tooth. It scans, analyses, and flawlessly matches the shade to any tooth within minutes!

Patient clinical pictures can be integrated so your laboratory will receive a complete colour analysis considering the brightness, saturation, chromaticity and translucency of a tooth, and all clinical pictures taken.

Standard configuration:

  • Rayplicker device
  • 1 box of 50 protective sheaths
  • 6 Calibration tips (autoclavable)
  • Dock
  • Charger and USB cable
  • Software license key (Mac or Windows compatible)
  • 1 mobile application
  • Quick Start Guide

£52 a month (48 months HP ex. VAT)
£205 a month (12 months HP ex. VAT)