Dental Milling Machines Vhf K4 edition


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Great results at a low price.

Machinable materials:

  • Composites
  • Plastics
  • Zirconia
  • CoCr

Maximum freedom of indication

  • crown
  • bridge
  • inlay/onlay
  • abutment
  • veneer

The extremely compact design of the K4 edition is a real eyecatcher. A closer look at the four-axis dry milling machine reveals its rigid structure. This ensures first-class results – even when working with extremely hard cobalt-chromium-based NEM materials.

Maximum precision

  • Restorations in HD
  • High-quality spindle with 4-point bearing for maximum concentricity accuracy
  • 5 microns repetition accuracy
  • High rotational speeds of up to 60,000 RPM
  • Automatic axis calibration

Automatic changer for 7 tools

The K4 edition is equipped with an automatic tool changer for seven tools, which enables the complete machining of a blank without further intervention by the operator.

vhf precision tools

• Grinding and milling tools with sophisticated cutting geometries
• For machining all material classes: wax, PMMA, zirconia, composites, titanium, cobalt-chrome, and glass ceramics
• First-class service life, best quality and attractive prices

vhf DentalCAM

• High-performance software package with open STL import for all common CAD programs
• Optimized CAM strategies for the fastest possible machining
• Perfectly adapted for all vhf dental milling machines – for predictable first-rate results